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X2O Media & FutureDJs partnership

FutureDJs and X2O Media partner discuss launching Virtuoso, an immersive virtual classroom to deliver music education.

Exploring the next generation of workplace collaboration

Explore the next generation of workplace collaboration and learning environments with X2O Media & Aura in this short presentation which took place at the Learning Technologies Digital Experience virtual event in February 2021.

Explorer la prochaine génération d'environnements de collaboration et d'apprentissage sur le lieu de travail

Joignez-nous pour discuter du prochain niveau des espaces de collaboration et d’apprentissage en milieu de travail; découvrez comment créer des environnements d’apprentissage immersifs et motivants en ayant à l’esprit des effectifs dispersés.

The Future of Remote Collaboration and Training

Explore how X2O Media can support the changing landscape of teaching and learning environments.

Innovation & funding in digital ed: Considering blended learning and virtual classrooms

Join X2O Media's Bernardo Amador as he discusses virtual classroom technology and how various digital solutions are helping transform classroom learning and pedagogical delivery for students and teachers.

Q Division TechTalks: LIVESTREAM with Mansour Brek of X2O Media

STRATACACHE family member Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media and Steve Raquel, President of IVO Media help higher learning institutions understand what to think about when moving their classrooms online.

ISE 2020: X2O Media Explains & Demonstrates Virtual Collaboration Room

Watch Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media demonstrate the X2O Virtual Classroom at ISE 2020.

ISE 2020: X2O Media Shows How Digital Signage and Employee Communications Can Work in Harmony

See Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media demonstratethe X2O visual enterprise communications.

Essentials of Corporate Communications

Watch Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media discuss the benefits of corporate communication and how X2O solutions can help drive engagement.

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